Jack-o-lantern bag and Full Moon Cat card

19 10 2014

It’s been way, way too long since my last post but life has gotten kind of hectic. I’ve still been working on Forest and a lot of other things have come up, but I wanted to share a little bit of what I’ve been working on this Halloween. I’ve been making a lot of cards, gift bags, and such for friends and since I gave one away early, I can share the pictures now.

I bought some great foam stickers at the store and autumn leaf confetti, black and orange tissue paper, and round orange stickers with jack-o-lantern faces. Added with glue sticks, construction paper, ink pens, and a white gel pen, I’ve been able to make all kinds of unique stuff.

Here’s one of my favorite things I’ve made, a card that looks like a hill and full moon on a spooky Halloween night, along with the makeshift envelope made out of a scrap of tissue paper and a sticker to hold it shut:

full moon cat cardtissue paper envelope

INSIDE OF THE CARD: Layering construction paper gives some cool effects and adds more structural integrity to the card. Plus, writing with ink on a separate layer of paper means it won’t bleed through the back of the card.
full moon cat card inside

JACK-O-LANTERN BAG: I bought a cheap gift bag , cut a Jack-o-lantern face out from the front, lined it with black tissue paper to make the face really pop, and then added handles to the bag by using Halloween garland. All of these component pieces were really cheap; the garland was $2 for 9 feet, 6 big sheets of tissue paper for under $3, and the gift bag was about 50 cents. The bag is sturdy enough to hold something of medium weight, but the handles, even though they have a light wire in them, should be used more delicately.

jack o lantern bag
And here’s the finished gift together! I put some candy in the bag, put the card (in its tissue-paper envelope) on top, and it was ready to be given away! If you notice, the pumpkins glued to the card are actually from the garland; I had to cut off a few of them when attaching the garland as handles, so instead of throwing them out I used them elsewhere.
jack o lantern bag and card

I will gladly take commissions for Birthday, Christmas, or other holiday themed gifts!

You can also check this out on deviantART: http://silverwatermist.deviantart.com/art/Full-Moon-Cat-and-Jack-O-Lantern-collage-489563308

Alyssa: Light Element process

14 06 2014

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Has anyone ever heard of a manga/anime called Magic Knight Rayearth? It’s one of my favorite manga of all time and both the story and art have heavily influenced me through out the years. Last weekend I got into a mood where I really wanted to draw something based on that style of art, and so I decided I’d draw a series of Forest characters that way.

I looked through a bunch of official artwork for Rayearth to get inspiration and one of the pictures immediately made me think of my cousin Alyssa, so I just went with it. So here she is, anime style!

1) PENCIL, INK, MARKER: I originally wanted to have this be completely traditional, but didn’t plan it out properly… therefore once I was about to start coloring, I realized I didn’t have light enough markers or enough shades of purple (I only have one, a dark vivid purple). I colored it the best I could anyway, but quickly realized I would need to put it through Photoshop because I didn’t have light purple for the background, and wouldn’t be able to properly color the light energy orb or fairies’ glow eithert. Still, the skin at least came out GREAT.

alyssa light

2) PHOTOSHOP: Once I got rid of the white paper background, I added the new background and did tons of color correction work to FINALLY achieve the colors I’d wanted the entire time. Markers are amazing, and I did a lot of blending, sometimes 5+ layers to achieve the colors above, but without LIGHTER shades getting it to be what I needed it to be was impossible.
The color correction came out amazing, so I moved onto cleaning things up, darkening lines, and adding the glow of the light energy and fairies’ glow. I’m really happy with the final product!

alyssa light ps WM

CHECK OUT THIS DRAWING ON DEVIANTART: http://silverwatermist.deviantart.com/art/Alyssa-Light-Element-460924507

For those curious about the markers used, the skin and fairies were done with Copics (I HIGHLY recommend Copics for skin. The blending is phenomenal) and the rest is Prismacolor, including the line work which is done with Prisma fineliners.

I’m hoping to do more like this because it was a ton of fun, it would be awesome to have a series like this. Let me know what you think!

Hello Kitty geisha commission

10 06 2014

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I recently worked on a commission for a new friend on deviantART, of a Hello Kitty bookmark where she’s dressed as a geisha. The commissioner needed a new bookmark and asked me to create a unique one based on a couple reference photos of Hello Kitty wearing a kimono, and they gave me a TON of freedom to do it however I liked.

THE SKETCH:  This took a while due to me playing around with it a LOT. They really liked one picture of H.K. with an umbrella, but I wanted to make her look a little more like a geisha so I gave her the hairstyle, different hair ornaments, and changed up the kimono. They approved my sketch so I moved onto the inking/coloring stage!

hello kitty for Fleur

FINISHED INKED AND COLORED:  After asking for the commissioners favorite colors, I spent some time planning out what colors would go where, which actually proved to be really tricky. I’m still not sure that I’m 100% happy with the kimono color placement if it were to be isolated on its own, but with the background and hair ornaments everything got tied together nicely, and most importantly, the person who paid for it loved it! I also added a background of sakura because it fit the theme and color scheme.

Hello Kitty for fleur (2)

So that’s my latest commission! If you’re interested of getting one of your own, contact me! I take paypal or can make a custom Etsy listing for you, and am willing to draw original characters as well as well-known characters like Hello Kitty.  =)

Inspiration: My Forest Wall

19 05 2014

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Hi everyone! I just wanted to share something that I just put together yesterday, actually. I had something similar in our old apartment that I posted before, but hadn’t bothered to put it back up in the new place yet. My Forest wall!

picture wall

I still have some things to print off and add in, I actually think I might replace a couple of them with new ones. Most of these are drawn by me, but the dark grayscale printed ones are all by my friend, while the colored one of Elise in the yellow dress is by danniesaurus on dA: http://danniesaurus.deviantart.com/art/Elise-454631695  They drew this for me of my character as a gift and I was so excited to see it! Please check it out and support their artwork!

Anyway, I always forget how important things like this are to my inspiration. What inspires all of you?

Elise process

12 05 2014

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Last time I posted my drawing of Elise from Forest. Now I’d like the share the process with everyone. I don’t have the most detailed process photos because I don’t have consistent access to a good camera, but I thought maybe some of you would still find it interesting.

1) PENCIL SKETCH: This is my favorite (and the longest) part of the process. I always feel like pencil has the most integrity and feeling, and somehow that will always get lost once you ink. The characters always look the most accurate in plain pencil, but once you color you can regain some (or hopefully all) of that feeling. The only thing off about the pencil here is that her eyes look a tad bit too wide.


2) INKING: To me this is the most painstaking and “roughest” stage, because so much of the accuracy can be lost if you aren’t super careful. It makes everything look so harsh, too, but I always have to keep in mind that it will balance itself out once colored. For this piece I also left the background in pencil because I wanted it to look a little unfocused and distant once it was colored in.


3) COLORING: This is probably the part that’s the most fun, but like inking, you need to be careful with every stroke. After never having drawn this character accurately before in my life, I was really worried about messing up the entire attempt by doing the shading wrong (especially on the face, where the right contours are vital) so I went for super light, barely-there shading. My style is more semi-realistic anyway so I think it still works!
Elise swing watermark

You can check out the finished artwork plus more information on the character on deviantART or over at my last blog post.

What does everyone else think? Do you guys have a favorite part of the process when YOU make artwork?


3 05 2014

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It’s been a while since I’ve had anything good to post up here, but I finally finished something else I can show everyone! Last time I posted my character Will from Forest, and this drawing is related: his mother, Elise.

Elise swing watermark

This is a picture of her when she was a bit younger, but she has her wedding ring on so at the very least, she was engaged by this time. I’ve tried drawing a portrait of her before but I knew it wasn’t right, so I’m REALLY happy with how accurate this came out! Now I have to try drawing her husband/Will’s father =)

This is done in prismacolor markers with colored pencil for touch-ups. If anyone is interested in commissioning me for similar character portraits, feel free to message me!

You can also favorite this and leave comments on DeviantART: http://silverwatermist.deviantart.com/art/Elise-451829309

Will bookmark

15 03 2014

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted a bookmark, and I drew this one a while ago but it’s one I still really like because it’s fairly accurate. This is Will, yet another character from Forest.

Will bookmark watermark

Will is a laid back, fun-loving person who has Water element (like me! :D), so he loves swimming and summertime (okay maybe not so much like me!). This is one of only two accurate drawings I’ve ever done of him, despite several attempts over the years from 2006 to now, so even though the background on this is a bit wonky I’m still super proud of it.

Check it out on deviantART: Will Bookmark by Silverwatermist

This was done in 95% marker and 5% colored pencil for touch-ups. Started off with a sketch, inked it, and worked up from there with color. Credit for some stock photos that were a huge help goes to Melyssah6-Stock on deviantART.


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